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Used Bicycles

CARS Bike Shop has a sizeable, rotating used bike inventory, mostly from bike trade-ins and consignment.

 Used Peugeot Pipeline-I Cruiser
Used Peugeot Pipeline-I Cruiser 1spd, Coaster Brake
 Used Schwinn Pixie w/ Spoke Beads
Used Schwinn Pixie with Spoke Beads Made in Chicago circa 1971 Original Parts
 Used Balance USA
Used Balance USA Magenta
 Used Novara Stinger 12
Used Novara Stinger 12CB Red
 Used Fuji Princess Inari 20
Used Fuji Princess Inari Pink: Fits 5-8 year olds. 20" wheels Both handbrake and coaster brake for the perfect learning experience.
 Used Gary Fisher Astro 20
Pink 20" Gary Fisher Astro. Has both hand and coaster brakes. Single speed. Already has awesome spoke beads.
 Used Jazz Voltage
Used Jazz Voltage
 Used Nishiki Century Step-Through
Used Nishiki Century Step-Through Teal Size: 17" ON CONSIGNMENT
 Used Stripped Schwinn CB
The derailleur hanger was bent, so we converted it to a single speed with a coaster brake. Perfect for those who want a crumby looking but secretly awesome bike that will get them from A to B.
 Used Jamis Capri 20
Jamis Capri Pink: -20" Wheels -7spd twist shifter -Hand brake -Aluminum Good size for average 5-8 year-olds.
 Used Specialized Hotrock 20
Specialized Hotrock 20" Purple Handbrake and coaster brake. Single speed
 Used Novara Arriba
Used Novara Arriba Black Frame 17"
 Used Steyr
Used Antique Steyr: Color: Black, with coat of arms and rings. Made in Austria Styria 3spd shifter
 Used Redline Asset
Used Redline Asset Navy Blue
 Used Hercules
Used Hercules Green Made in Birmingham, England circa 40s Her-cu-matic 2spd, with low, neutral, high. Everything original.
 Used Schwinn 434 Road
Used Schwinn 434 Road Red
 Used Giant Cypress
Used Giant Cypress Black
 Used Bianchi Peregrine
Purple Bianchi Peregrine Frame: 19" Component Group: Deore LX, 21 spds Wheels: 26" Very nice. Seems to have been well cared for in former life. Parts like new.
 Used Trek OCLV
Used Trek OCLV Maroon Frame: 17" Carbon Full-suspension Mountain Bike
 Used Caloi Pro
Used Caloi Pro Chrome
 Used Dyno Crestline Tandem
Used Dyno Crestline Tandem 7-speed $400 or best offer. ON CONSIGNMENT
 Used Fuji Newest 4.0
Used Fuji Newest 4.0 Silver/White
 Used Giant ATX880
Used Giant ATX880 Red
 Used Specialized Sirrus Sport Disc
Used Specialized Sirrus Sport Disc Polished Aluminum
 Used Cycle Genius LTX
Cycle Genius LTX Grey 20/26 w/ disc brakes
 Used Sun Bicycle EZ-SX1 Recumbent
Used Sun EZ-SX1 Recumbent Blue: -20" wheel in back, 16" in front -Back Rack Like new!
 Used Cannondale Super V 2000
Used Cannondale Super V 2000 Purple FSR: HCV440
 Used Yokota Twin Peaks Tandem
Used Yokota Twin Peaks Tandem $799.99 or best offer. ON CONSIGNMENT
 Used Electric Schwinn Tailwind
Used Electric Schwinn Tailwind This bike is electrically assisted by a motor in the front wheel and has a battery pack in a rear rack. Really smooth and fun to ride.
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