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About CARS Bike Shop

Friendly Neighborhood Bike Shop

CARS Bike Shop: Your Friendly Neighborhood Bike Shop

At CARS Bike shop, we are committed to biking.

We are a small neighborhood shop that takes time to listen to you about your biking needs. Though we do not have huge amounts of floor space, we have a great selection of bikes and accessories to accommodate your biking needs.

From bags to bikes to shoes to wheels, Bruce attempts to have it all.  If you come to our shop, you can witness the claustrophobia (intimacy) firsthand. What you will find is a friendly shop that is family owned, knows and has history in the bicycling industry, and shares your love of biking. 

You, the customer, are our top priority.  We aim to provide you with friendly knowledgeable service whether you are purchasing a bike, buying bike accessories,  bringing your bike in for repair, or just looking for a new trail to ride. When you are looking for a new bike, we listen to your riding habits and needs, and match the right bike to you. 


The Beginning

In 1991, a local bike shop owner expands to a second location and builds the characteristic green-roofed building in Mounds View, Minnesota, where CARS Bike Shop is currently located.  The original shop was known as North Suburban Schwinn.

In 1998, Bruce, the current owner of CARS Bike Shop, began managing North Suburban Schwinn after a three years in bicycle sales at North Suburban Schwinn's sister shop, Pioneer Cycle. 

December 2000, Bruce purchases North Suburban Schwinn and CARS Bike Shop is born.

What's In a Name?

Over the years you can bet we have answered this more than a few times; Why CARS Bike Shop?

As you might have guessed CARS is an acronym.  The acronym represents Bruce's family, specifically his children and his wife.  His children, Chris, Andrew, and Rachel in order of oldest to youngest, and his wife Sandy are the inspiration in CARS Bike Shop.  If you are lucky while visiting you might get to meet the 'C,' 'A,' 'R,' or 'S' in 'CARS', and tell your friends about your experience.

Chris, Andrew, and Rachel  have all worked in the shop over the years and still put time in when they are in town and are available.  They are avid riders and all recent college graduates.

Mission Statement

CARS Bike Shop will provide you with the right information, the right bike, and the right accessories in a friendly manner to begin your bicycling adventure today.